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Selected Publications
  • "Alleviating the taxonomic impediment of DNA barcoding and setting a bad precedent: names for ten species of Astraptes fulgerator (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Eudaminae) with DNA-based diagnoses"
    Brower 2010

  • "Need morphology always be required for new species description"
    Cook et al. 2010

  • "Does nomenclatural availability of nomina of new species or subspecies require the deposition of vouchers in collections?"
    Dubois & Nemésio 2011

  • "The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature must be drastically improved before it is too late"
    Dubois 2011

  • "Recommendations about nomenclature for papers submitted to Zootaxa"
    Dubois et al. 2011

  • "Foreward: Ornithological Nomenclature"

  • "A Guide to Constructing and Understanding Synonymies for Mammalian Species"
    Gardner & Hayssen 2004

  • "Integrating DNA barcode data and taxonomic practice: Determination, discovery, and description"
    Goldstein & DeSalle 2010

  • "On the use of high-level taxonomic names"
    Hedges 2011

  • "The population ecology and social behaviour of taxonomists"
    Joppa et al. 2011

  • "Best Practices: In the 21st Century, Taxonomic Decisions in Herpetology are Acceptable Only When Supported by a Body of Evidence and Published via Peer-Review"
    Kaiser et al. 2013

  • "Nomenclatural itch versus patrolling itch: comments on O'Hara (2011)"
    Nemésio 2011

  • "Cyber nomenclaturalists and the 'CESA itch'"
    O'Hara 2011

  • "On the Extent and Source of Instability in Avian Nomenclature, as Exemplified by North American Birds"
    Olson 1987

  • "Allotypes should be from the type series: a position paper for reinstating Recommendation 72A from the third edition of the Code that defines the term 'allotype'"
    Santiago-Blay et al. 2008

  • "Comment on 'Taxonomy and the DNA Barcoding Enterprise' by Ebach (2011)"
    Stevens et al. 2011
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